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Spend your time negotiating on a better deal for your car, and we’ll negotiate a better deal for your loan. At Get A Loan, we can help you find the cheapest car loans Melbourne wide. We have access to a panel of car and asset finance companies, allowing us to secure a competitive loan package to meet your requirements, including interest rate, loan length and balloon requirements.

How are we able to secure the best car loans for your vehicle purchase? Simple: your vehicle is the security for the loan, and the finance companies recognise this to give you some very competitive rates. Get A Loan can secure rates as low as 4% to 5% for small car loans, depending on the age and condition of the vehicle.

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When you’re shopping around for the most competitive car loans in Melbourne, it’s always beneficial to have someone who knows the market in your corner. Used vehicles older than 3 years and vehicles sold privately can come with higher rates, while other factors such as your age, term of loan, borrowing ability and borrowing amount can affect the final rate as well. Therefore it’s worthwhile exploring these options with Get A Loan so that you’re not stuck in a car loan refinance package that could needlessly cost you thousands over the term of your loan.

With in-built commissions and a lack of transparency, remember that the car dealers will try and make money from you on the price of the vehicle and the finance, so having an independent loan package allows you to focus on what’s most important to you: the price of the car itself!

Whether you’re looking for your dream ride, needing to update your business vehicle or helping out a family member with their first car, Get A Loan has the options available for you.

Don’t want to use the car as security? Get A Loan can also negotiate great personal loan rates as well.

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