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Investment Loans in Melbourne

Turn Opportunity into Certainty

Whether you plan to buy your first investment property, or want to add to an existing property portfolio, applying for investment property loans can either be a very simple or very complex process. Fortunately, finding the best investment property loans is made significantly easier with the trusted assistance of Get A Loan.

Get A Loan will not only look after your finances to minimise tax, but we will also help you with your cash flow and expenditure to assist with your loan affordability in the long term.

Find the Best Investment Property Loans in Melbourne

Get A Loan provides a free initial appointment where we will advise on the correct structures to support your long term ambitions. We will work with you to ensure that your finances are correctly structured both now and for successive purchases, whether you are looking at:

  • developing a large portfolio,
  • wanting to purchase one investment, or
  • converting your existing home into a rental property.

Property investment doesn’t need to be difficult or scary, and with Get A Loan’s valued assistance in finding a mortgage loan for your investment property, you can remove the stress of finding the money so you can focus on more important matters, like finding and negotiating on the property.

Don’t Leave Your Lending to Chance or Inexperience!

When it comes to a residential investment property loan, ensuring it has been structured correctly is as important as the loan product and rate – and getting it right now can save you from costly mistakes in the future. Get A Loan can assist you with finding and setting up the home loan for your investment property that best suits your requirements, including:

  • Home equity loan for investment property
  • Interest only loan for investment property
  • Refinancing home loan for investment property

A part of our ongoing service is to also continually review and contest better rates for your lending, so that you are always being offered the best of what’s available. Whether you want to take out a home equity loan on an investment property, or simply need general information on investment property loans, discover what Get A Loan can do for you.

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